Dan Miller’s No More Mondays Review

Dan Miller’s No More Mondays

Dan Miller asks, “Does your job make you stupid?” Well, some days I would say yes. No More Mondays is a nonfiction book that focuses on “revolutionizing your job” or changing careers completely.

I have thought about changing careers several times in the last few years. A few weeks ago, unhappy in my current job and looking through my bookshelf on what to read next, I came across this book. Funny thing is that I did not buy this book. Another teacher left it in my classroom. It was calling my name. I have decided not change careers because I love teaching. I love students! I hate the standardized test and administrative duties. I feel God has called me to teach. I make an impact. I simply need to revolutionize my job, so I do not hate Mondays.

What does revolutionizing your job mean?

Miller describes revolutionizing your job as “paving your own way; they stretch the rules and think of ways to do things better”. Instead of being a “traditional employee” who simply does what they are told/expected to do and is not innovative.

Now, I am a teacher. You may be thinking how does this apply? This applies to teachers more than ever. Education is not simply reading a textbook and answering the questions at the end of the section. Today’s children are not the same as they were 15 or 20 years ago. They need more than just the resources to succeed. They need what is called in the education world as differentiation. They need to be taught to be innovative and radical. They need someone who allows them to think critically and awards them for their outside the box thinking. There are plenty of people in this world that can do traditional jobs (follow procedures and “do what was done yesterday).” It is my job to revolutionize their education.

After two years of letting the adults in the education world ruin my Monday, I realize that it is time to create my own circumstances and rules. Miller states, “Happiness is a function of character, not circumstance…we can choose optimism, joy, and a better future (Miller 64).”

Not only does Miller give great advice, but he changes the way a person thinks. He proves his advice with life experiences and the experiences of his clients. If you feel unhappy in your current job, or you feel that every Monday is a drag, I recommend reading No More Mondays. Also, visit his website www.48days.com for more inspiration.

Miller, Dan. No More Mondays: Fire Yourself–and Other Revolutionary Ways to Discover Your True Calling at Work. New York: Currency Doubleday, 2008. Print.


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