Monday & Tuesday’s Workout Plus My Meals

It is Thanksgiving week, so I did not want to spend a lot on groceries that we would not eat. So we only bought veggies and fruit, and we are trying to use the frozen meat we have. I am also  not a big cooker during the week, and like to keep it easy. I am lying. I am not a big cooker at all. If the meal prep and cook time take longer than 30 minutes, I’m out!

Prepped Meals:

  • Spaghetti with spiralized squash noodles, ground beef, and Prego Italian Sauce- add red pepper flakes,oregano, salt and pepper
  • Chicken tenderloins cooked in the pan with salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onions, and minced garlic– with sweet potatoes wedges
  • Ground turkey burgers- No bread, cook on George Foreman Grill, add tomatoes, ketchup, pickles, and onions

***HEB has zucchini and squash noodles now. It is an awesome way to have guilt free pasta and get your veggies. It might even taste better.


Monday’s Workout-11/21/16


5×3 Snatch- I did 2×3 at 65lbs, 2×3 at 85lbs, and 1×3 at 95lbs

3×8 Back Squat – I did all sets at 115 lbs

Workout of the Day:

15 Min AMRAP- 30 Double-Unders, 15 Toes to Bar, 30 Double Unders,15 Power cleans @95lbs

I completed 3 rounds-which was my goal

Tuesdays workout- 11/22/16


21 Overhead Squats 65#, 21 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00


18 Overhead Squats 80#, 18 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00


15 Overhead Squats 95#, 15 Bar-Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00


12 Overhead Squats 105#, 12 Bar Facing Burpees



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