Reader Question: Can you give me ideas for snacks? I am a big chocolate anything person and my husband is a big chip person. Do you have any ideas for healthier options?


Snacking is a big weakness for me as well. I can usually meal plan and prep enough where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are on point. I have found that if I plan my snacks for the day, I have more success.

Snacks I like that are healthier than dessert and chips:

Click links in order to see nutritional information, cost, and flavors.

  • Go Macro Bars are one of my favorites. My favorite flavors are Cherries and Berries and Granola with Coconut.
  • Oatmega Bars are really good as well. You can but these at HEB, Target, and Amazon. Favorites are Brownie Crisp, White Chocolate Raspberry and, Blueberry.
  • Cashews are a great snack if you are feeling light headed or just to fulfill that salt craving. I get unsalted, but it seems to cure the craving.
  • Cherries are starting to come back into season. Sweet and they take a while to eat.
  • Jerky is great for protein. Instead of chips get some peppered Jerky. Be careful what kind you buy though and look at the ingredients.
  • Kind Bars with chocolate are tasty. They are not as healthy as the above protein bars, but delicious. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew.

I also really enjoy fruit and fruit smoothies with a protein powder scoop to keep me full. If you are active, you need healthy carbs to fuel your lifestyle.



  1. i’ve never been a big chip fan, but i do have a a few kinds i’ll eat. when i started paying more attention to what i eat- i switched to the Baked versions or just traditional tortilla chips (though they have a lot of sodium). Sometimes I take Cheerios as something small to snack on, too 🙂


  2. I try to avoid sugars, syrups, and artificial sweeteners. Some Lara Bars (always double-check the label) have no added sweeteners, using ground up unprocessed dates instead. I like their Chocolate Coconut Chew.


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